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About Movement For BJJ


Sam Byrne is a Qualified Personal Trainer, Grappler and Movement Enthusiast from the South of England, who currently lives on the West Coast of Scotland. He has a passion for Physical Culture and has experimented with almost every fitness modality over two decades. He is most passionate about Bodyweight Drills and Exercises because of their convenience and accessibility to everyone.

Why I started Movement for BJJ

After becoming frustrated with a lack of progress in BJJ, I decided to devote more time to improving my grappling specific movements with a variety of Solo Drills. I quickly realised the benefits of these Drills when I started to rapidly progress again. Now I want to help others improve their movement too...

Keep Improving with BJJ Solo Drills!

I am passionate about helping YOU improve your Grappling with BJJ Solo Drills. You will Build strength, mobility and movement skills specific to Grappling (and life in general!), which will greatly benefit you when it’s time to roll. All my BJJ Drills Videos are right here to get you started. 

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