Movement For BJJ

The Best BJJ Solo Drills on the internet.

Jiu-Jitsu Times Exclusive - 5 Essential Beginner Drills!

In this video I share 5 Essential Movement Drills to enhance your grappling. When you first start BJJ a lot of the movements on the ground can feel quite awkward, especially with the added pressure of working with a partner. I hope these drills will help build your confidence and make learning the Art of Jiu-Jitsu that little bit easier!...Sam✌️

Solo Drills Breakdown #2 - Imanari Roll!

In this episode we learn the Imanari Roll. Many people lack the confidence to fall straight back into the Imanari Roll. This breakdown gives you three simple steps to work on, which will help build that confidence. From there you can team up with a training partner and learn the leg entries from the roll. This is a really fun solo drill, so take your time, get the reps in and you’ll be hitting this roll in the near future. Good luck!...Sam✌️

Solo Drills Breakdown #1 - Side Control Escape!

In this episode we learn a Side Control Escape using the wall. This Solo Drill will help you follow the correct steps to successfully escape side control and then build those steps into muscle memory. No partner needed, so you can take your time and get in those reps!...Sam✌️

Breathing Exercises - Reduce Anxiety and Perform Better!

Do you get Anxiety before Class, Competition or life in general? I share three breathing exercises in this video that could really help reduce your feeling of anxiety and boost your energy, focus and relaxation. Add a breathing practise to your regime now, you will really notice the benefits!..Sam✌️

Best Hanging Exercises for Grapplers - Start Now!

These hanging exercises are a vital part of any grapplers training routine. They will improve shoulder health, grip strength, spine decompression, core strength and pulling strength. So start these now if you want to improve your grappling and stay injury free.

Core Strength for BJJ / MMA - 5 New Solo Drills!

For all Grapplers, improving your Core Strength should be high on your list of priorities. In this video I share 5 NEW drills, which will all boost core strength. Best of all I have made them grappling specific, so each movement directly relates to a common position that you will find yourself in. Add these to your BJJ Solo Drills routine! 90-180s per drill, working on perfecting a smooth technique. This will give you a good workout, no need to sprint! 

3 Awesome Russian🇷🇺Solo Drills for BJJ / MMA

These great BJJ Solo Drills have their roots in Russia, home of some of the best mixed martial artists, freestyle wrestlers, sambists and grapplers. Each drill has an mix of strength, mobility and movement, which will give your Grappling a boost. Watch the video to find out how!S✌️

Improve Dynamic Hip Mobility and Movement With Only 3 Drills

Add these great Dynamic Hip Mobility Drills to your routine. Just 10-15 minutes a minimum of 3 times per week will give Great Results within 6 weeks. I personally do these 3 drills nearly every day and I can honestly say my hips have never felt better. Go Practise them!

Improve Mobility and Movement for Inverted Guard/Inversion

In this video I share the Solo Drills you need to take you from beginner to a confident player of the Inverted Guard. Giving you the Mobility, Movement and Positional Awareness to be able to use your favourite Inverted Techniques✌️.

Build Core Strength for BJJ with Solo Drills!

Core strength is vital to good grappling. Use these BJJ Solo Drills to improve your grappling specific movements and build a rock solid core too👍

5 Solo Drills for BJJ / MMA

Add these 5 Solo drills to your routine to improve your grappling movement.

Improve Your Shrimping and Hip Movement for BJJ / MMA!

Use these BJJ Drills to simplify your movement on the ground. Improve your escapes, sweeps and submission setups by getting better movement.👍

Don’t Give Up on Grappling - Start Solo Drilling!

In this video I tell part of my story, how I discovered the benefits of BJJ Solo Drills and why you should start practicing BJJ Drills to keep improving.👍

BJJ Solo Drills

This is a new take on the Technical Stand Up. Take some time to practice this and you will find getting back to your feet easier and quicker.