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The Best BJJ Solo Drills on the internet.

Solo Drills WOD - Episode #1

Episode One of my Solo Drills “Workout Of The Day” Series. 5 Solo Drills, 2 Minutes Per Drill, 10 Minutes Total Time. Go try it and then follow my Instagram, Facebook Page and YouTube Channel to get the Solo Drill WODs 1st!...Sam✌️

Solo Drills WOD - Episode #2

The second instalment of my “Workout of the Day” Series. In this episode we practise some drills to improve your core strength as well as develop your guard retention and ability to get back to your feet. Hope these drills help you!...Sam✌️

Solo Drills WOD - Episode #3

In this WOD we practise some drills to improve our guard passing, another option to escape back to a standing position and some basic guard retention skills. Make your warm ups sports specific by using my “Workout of the day”. Regularly practising specific grappling movements will really help to improve your overall game...Sam✌️

Solo Drills WOD - Episode #4

This Video has five new drills to improve your guard movement, setups for sweeps, guard attacks and side control escapes. I hope that these quick drills will give you an insight into the benefit of solo drilling and that you join the movement!...Sam✌️

Solo Drills WOD - Episode #5

Watch this video and if haven’t already make a pledge to yourself to do one of my Solo Drill WOD’s before or after your regular class. Trust me, if you are consistent, you will notice the benefits in the near future! Good luck and see you in the next episode!...Sam✌️

Solo Drills WOD - Episode #6

This is the final WOD in the series and was definitely my personal favourite. It has some of the more athletic solo drills like the Imanari roll and the standing granby, which as well as being exciting moves are also very effective, when they are timed appropriately. The “shrimp to belly down circle” is also one of my favourite drills because not only does it reinforce good technique in the shrimp but it also has a great flow to it. Go and try these drills out!...Sam✌️